How to Play

Fantasy League Rules and How to Score Points

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Select Your Squad      

First choose the players for your squad up to the maximum budget for each division. You will need:

2 Goalkeepers

5 Defenders

4 Midfielders

4 Forwards

A maximum of 3 players are permitted from any team


Full Appearance = 2 Points

Part Appearance = 1 Point

Goal Scored = 5 Points

Penalty Saved (Goalkeeper only) = 5 Points

Penalty Missed = -5 Points

Full Match Clean Sheet (Defenders & Goalkeepers) = 4 Points

Part Match Clean Sheet (Defenders & Goalkeepers) = 2 Points

Each Goal Conceded (Defenders & Goalkeepers) = -1 Point

Yellow Card = -2 Points

Red Card = -5 Points

Own Goal = -5 Points


A total of 15 transfers are permitted per division per division

A maximum of 4 transfers are permitted per division per month

All transfers must be submitted before the earliest scheduled kick off time for any given match day

Match Day Selections

Your starting team (up to a maximum of 11 players) must be selected before the scheduled kick off time for that round of games

Other players from your squad may also be selected for odd games (e.g. 12.00 or 17.30 kick offs) that do not overlap with the main round of games. It may therefore be possible to have all 15 squad players scoring points on a match day

You may select a ‘Star Man’ for each set of non-overlapping games. Each Star Man will score double points for that match.